Gentle Dental Mission - 'Gentle' Dental MV NOT gentle on your wallet!

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Let me put it this way: if you are looking for a straight-forward, caring, honest dental office, Gentle Dental is NOT the place for you!! They are far more focused on making money than caring for their patients! Don't get me wrong, the dental work that they do is fine, but it's when it comes down to cost time that you wind up getting ripped off!

I took my son in to have his lower wisdom teeth removed this week, and was given an amount to pay (which differed GREATLY from 1/2 of the amount that I was quoted to remove all 4), but I took their word for it, as the paperwork seemed legit. Unfortunately, I didn't have the full balance that day, so the lady in the front office agreed to allow me to pay the remainder in a couple of days.

Great, right? Well, then I call in this morning, and am given a NEW amount, that is almost $50 more than we agreed upon (keep in mind, I signed the paperwork for the initial charge), because she 'forgot' to add in a CONSULTING FEE! What? And why is that MY problem?

I will be changing my son's dental care provider immediately, and I recommend that anyone considering going to this office for their dental 'care' go elsewhere, because these people could 'care' less! They might be 'gentle' on your teeth, but certainly NOT on your wallet!

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Gentle Dental

There are several Companies with the name "Gentle Dental" that operate independently across the country in different states. This Review does not indicate which "Gentle Dental" Company "RippedOFF MV" is speaking about.

Gentle Dental in Florida has low everyday fees and even has a Discount Program available for patients who do not have insurance!

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